DC Isolator

  • Solar DC lsolator Switch,WTIS(for combiner box)

    Solar DC lsolator Switch,WTIS(for combiner box)

    The WTIS solar DC isolation switch is a device used in photovoltaic (PV) systems to isolate DC input from solar panels. It is usually installed in a junction box, which is a junction box that connects multiple solar panels together.
    The DC isolation switch can disconnect the DC power supply in emergency or maintenance situations, ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic system. It is designed to handle the high DC voltage and current generated by solar panels.
    The functions of solar DC isolation switches include:
    Weather resistant and durable structure: The switch is designed for outdoor installation and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
    Bipolar switch: It has two poles and can simultaneously disconnect the positive and negative DC circuits, ensuring complete isolation of the system.
    Lockable handle: The switch may have a lockable handle to prevent unauthorized access or accidental operation.
    Visible indicator: Some switches have a visible indicator light that displays the status of the switch (on/off).
    Compliance with safety standards: The switch should comply with relevant safety standards, such as IEC 60947-3, to ensure safe operation.

  • Solar DC Waterprooflsolator Switch,WTIS

    Solar DC Waterprooflsolator Switch,WTIS

    The WTIS Solar DC Waterproof Isolator Switch is a type of solar DC waterproof isolation switch. This type of switch is designed for use in solar systems to isolate DC power sources and loads, ensuring safe operation and maintenance. It has waterproof function and can be used outdoors and in humid environments. This model of switch has high quality and reliability, suitable for various solar energy applications.


    1.Compact and suitable were space is limitedO DIN rail mounting for easy installation
    2.Load-bre aking up to 8 times rated current ma king itidealfor motor isolation
    3.Double-break with silver rivets-su perior performancereliability and long lasting
    4.High bre aking capacity with 12.5 mm contact air gapEasy sna p-on fitting of auxiliary switches