Pluggable Terminal Block

  • YE7230-500-750-5P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC400V

    YE7230-500-750-5P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC400V

    The 5P plug-in terminal block YE series YE7230-500 is a device for electrical connections. This terminal block has 5 plugs that can be easily plugged and unplugged to connect the power supply. It is suitable for environments with a current of 16A and an AC voltage of 400V.



    This terminal block is manufactured using high-quality materials for good conductivity and durability. Its design makes installation and maintenance easy and convenient. The terminal is also dustproof, waterproof and fireproof, which improves safety in use.



    YE7230-500 terminal block can be widely used in various places, such as industrial control systems, building electrical systems, mechanical equipment and so on. Its reliability and stability make it an important part of the electrical connection field.

  • YE3270-508-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE3270-508-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    The YE3270-508 is an 8P plug-in terminal block designed for the connection of electrical equipment. With a rated current of 16Amp and rated voltage of AC300V, this terminal can be used for medium power electrical applications.



    This plug-in terminal block utilizes reliable plug-in and plug-out connections for quick connection and removal during installation and maintenance. It is designed to comply with international safety standards and codes, ensuring stable electrical connections and safe use.

  • YE1230-350-381-2x9P Pluggable Terminal Block,8Amp,AC250V

    YE1230-350-381-2x9P Pluggable Terminal Block,8Amp,AC250V

    The 2 x 9P Plug-in Terminal Block YE Series YE1230-381, 8Amp, AC250V is a commonly used electrical connector. It has a plug-and-play design for quick and easy connection and disconnection of wires. This series of terminal block has two 9-pin sockets and is suitable for a wide range of electrical equipment and circuit connections. It is rated at 8 amps and 250 volts AC. This terminal block is typically used for low voltage and medium current electrical applications such as household appliances, lighting fixtures, and industrial control systems.

  • YE870-508-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE870-508-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    The YE Series YE870-508 is a plug-in terminal block for 6P (6 pins) connections. The terminal has a rated current of 16A and an operating voltage of AC300V.



    The YE Series YE870-508 terminal block has a reliable plug-in connection design for easy installation and replacement. It is made of high-quality materials with good heat and abrasion resistance, and can work stably in various environments.

  • YE860-508-4P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE860-508-4P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE Series YE860-508 is a 4P plug-in terminal block for wiring connections in electrical equipment. It has a rated current of 16Amp and a rated voltage of AC300V to meet the needs of general electrical equipment.



    This terminal block features a plug-and-play design for quick and easy wiring and replacement. Its 4P design means it has four sockets to connect four wires. This design provides greater flexibility and reliability, making maintenance and replacement of equipment easier.

  • YE460-350-381-10P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    YE460-350-381-10P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    10P Plug-in Terminal Block YE Series YE460-381 is an electrical connector capable of withstanding up to 12 amps of current and 300 volts AC. The terminal block is designed with 10 plug-in jacks for easy wire plugging and unplugging operations.YE460-381 series terminal blocks provide reliable electrical connection performance to meet a variety of circuit connection needs.

  • YE460-350-381-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    YE460-350-381-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    Plug-in Terminal Block YE Series YE460-381 is a terminal block with a rated current of 12Amp and a rated voltage of AC300V. The terminal has a plug-in design, making it easier and faster to connect and disconnect wires.



    YE460-381 terminals are widely used in various electrical equipments and circuits for connecting power, control and signal wires. Its reliable contact performance and high voltage resistance make the circuit transmission more stable and reliable.

  • YE440-350-381-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    YE440-350-381-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    The plug and pull terminals have reliable connection performance and can be easily inserted, removed and replaced. It is made of high temperature resistant material, which can maintain good performance in high temperature environment. It also has the function of dust and water resistance, and can be used in harsh working environments.

  • YE370-508-3P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE370-508-3P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    The plug-and-play design of the YE370-508 terminal makes installation and replacement easy and convenient. It allows for quick connection and disconnection of wires, saving installation time and increasing efficiency. In addition, the terminal has a reliable connection performance to ensure the stability and safety of the connection.

  • YE350-381-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    YE350-381-6P Pluggable Terminal Block,12Amp,AC300V

    6P Plug-In Terminal Block YE Series YE350-381 is a high quality terminal block designed for use with 12 amps current and 300 volts AC. This plug-in terminal block features a 6-pin design for easy connection and removal of wires. It is designed to make installation and maintenance easy and efficient.

  • YE330-508-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE330-508-8P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE Series YE330-508 is an 8P plug-in terminal block designed for power connections and signal transmission in electrical equipment. With a rated current of 16Amp and rated voltage of AC300V, it can meet the needs of most electrical equipment.

  • YE050-508-12P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    YE050-508-12P Pluggable Terminal Block,16Amp,AC300V

    12P Plug-in Terminal Block YE Series YE050-508 is a high quality terminal block for circuit connections with a current of 16Amp and a voltage of AC300V. The terminals feature a plug-in design for quick and easy cable connection and removal.



    The YE Series YE050-508 terminal provides reliable electrical connections and good durability for a variety of industrial and domestic applications. It is manufactured from high-quality materials with good insulation and high temperature resistance to ensure stable and safe operation of the circuit.

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